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Product features: conversion efficiency up to 96%; no strobe, strobe optional; three-in-one dimming, three-in-one dimming +12V optional; dimming off without afterglow optional: THD<15%; Potential Adjust the output current, pull the switch to adjust the color temperature; lightning protection: line to line 4KV, line to ground 6KV; all-round protection: overvoltage/short circuit protection, 5-year warranty.
Product description: ZY-MAM240FQS1300-A1VQ series is a constant current LED power supply, with three-in-one dimming and three-in-one dimming + 12V two function models optional, with ultra-high efficiency and extremely low power factor harmonic interference. The potentiometer and toggle switch adjustment port are reserved on the top cover of the product to adjust the product output current (power) or adjust the color of the lamp.


Product parameters: